Health and Safety Protocols (August 2022)

The DCS leadership team has met to plan for a safe and supportive return to school for all staff and students. We understand the growing concerns towards the increased transmissibility rates of the Omicron variant. These concerns are also carried by many of our staff members who serve the school community on the frontlines. Our ability to manage the overall health of the staff well will minimize disruptions to school operations and ensure continuity of learning. There are actions we can all take to keep each other healthy. The school will be moving towards enhanced safety measures, including the reimplementation of students and staff interacting primarily within pods (cohorts).
As information and guidance from the Ministry and Public Health are received, we will share any new information with you as well as update this page.
K to 7 Mask-Wearing (optional):
Masks are a part of the safety protocol for COVID-19 at this time. Wearing a mask is optional for those who choose to wear them.

For helpful information on how to make masks fit properly, click here.

Daily Health Check (required):
The best way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading is to stay home when ill. Please continue to complete a daily health check with your child before sending them to school. The K to 12 Health Check website and app is an easy way to decide if your child should attend school based on their symptoms. It includes current health guidelines and offers an age-appropriate user experience for K to 12 students.

Hand Sanitizer (required):
Students will be encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands on a regular basis as part of their class routine. Please send a personal-sized bottle to school with your child that they can keep at their desk.

COVID-19 Vaccines (parent choice):
An effective COVID-19 vaccine is now available for children aged 5-11. The pediatric COVID-19 vaccine directly protects children and will mean less disruption to the activities that are important to them, such as school, sports and social events. To learn more about the vaccine for children and register your child for dose 1, please visit:
Summary of Safety Precautions:

  • Daily disinfecting of the building through the electro-static process
  • Encouraging daily health checks where students are staying home when sick/showing symptoms
  • Keeping students interacting primarily within their own grade groupings
  • Staggering drop-off, recess, and pick-up times
  • Supporting regular staff and student mask-wearing
  • Providing regular opportunities for hand washing
  • Minimizing visitors to the building, unless for educational support purposes
  • Pausing all interschool sports and activities
  • Focusing on student learning and social-emotional well-being

We walk forward in confidence, while we do our part and trust in God’s protection.