The 2020–2023 Strategic Plan describes a faith-driven and wisdom-led direction undertaken by the Delta Christian School Board, Leadership Team, Staff and Community. Delta Christian School has identified areas of focus that will promote understanding of commonly held goals that will enable the school to enhance its ability to meet its mission and vision. Together, the board and leadership staff have crafted a document that endeavours to respond to the call that they have received. Through its strategic priorities, Delta Christian School has articulated how it seeks to develop over the next three years. The school’s mission/vision and core values have driven the priorities that follow in this plan. From beginning to end, the process took approximately a year and a half and can be broken down into the following stages:

  1. SCSBC leadership met with the Delta Christian School Board of Trustees to provide an overview of the process, but also to gain information to provide school-specific context and direction for strategic planning.
  2. The priorities that were expressed by the Board were then summarized and turned into questions to be responded to by the broader community through an online survey. Parents, staff, and alumni participated in the survey.
  3. The results of the survey were then synthesized by SCSBC into key strategic growth areas and shared with the Board prior to the strategic visioning sessions.
  4. SCSBC facilitated two evening strategic visioning sessions for those in attendance to respond to the results of the survey and further expand on ideas. The Board was also given the opportunity to collaborate and agree upon a statement on an envisioned future for the school.
  5. The results of the strategic planning sessions were then captured and summarized in a draft strategic plan and shared with the Board and Principal. The Board then tasked the Principal to prepare a final copy of the strategic plan that was presented to the Board for approval before being presented to the Society at the Spring General Meeting in June 2020.


Click to view the 2020-2023 Delta Christian School Strategic Plan.


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