Personal Profile

I spent most of my childhood in Australia and New Zealand. My family moved to Canada in my Grade 5 year. At that time, Ladner became home. In my high school years, on my way to classes, I recall walking past a little school called Ladner Christian School. What was a Christian school, I would often wonder. During those years, I came to faith in Jesus and little did I know that many years later, I would become a teacher at the now Delta Christian School. After graduation from Delta Secondary, I travelled, worked and then returned to school. I graduated from the University of Ottawa with majors in French and English Literature. While in Ottawa, I married my husband Peter who brought me back to the Lower Mainland upon his RCMP graduation. We have two wonderful sons. Our eldest has recently graduated from Richmond Christian and our youngest graduates from Delta Christian in 2019. I love to spend time with my family, read, cook and travel. I also enjoy a good game of tennis.

Professional Profile

I received my teacher’s certificate from SFU and worked as a high school teacher for close to 10 years. For some of that time, I also worked part time in Children’s ministry at our church, St. John’s Vancouver. Before teaching at DCS, I appreciated the opportunity to be a part of our children’s education, especially during my years on the Education Committee and the Board. In 2012, I began teaching at DCS (Gr. 4-7 French) and in time, I also supervised the primary teachers when French became available to all grades and now I teach K-7 French. I am thrilled to share my love of French with the students of DCS. It is such a joy to teach in a community that has been a part of our family for many years.


My teaching career began in the public school system. When our eldest son entered Delta Christian School, I began to appreciate the importance of Christian education. Now, as a Christian educator, I have the freedom to share God’s love with my students and help them to see that all of life is in God’s hands. As a language teacher, I can help students to understand that language is a creational gift which reflects the image of God and that it is possible to communicate with God and others in more than one language. Overall, I have always wanted to instill in my students a desire for lifelong learning and this is especially important as a teacher at Delta Christian where we focus on equipping children for life.