Preetika Moses Nath

Preetika Moses Nath, Teacher and After-School Childcare Instructor
We are a family of three: my husband, Rishi, me and my daughter Eva. We moved from India to Canada a few years ago. We are blessed to be born and brought up in Christian homes where our foundation was Christ-centric. Most of my education was from different Christian Schools in India and after I completed my Bachelor of Education, I was blessed to find a job within few months. Thus, since 2010, my journey as a teacher started.

After moving to Canada, I became an Early Childhood Educator while waiting for my teaching experience from India to be evaluated. This further helped me to grow as a teacher. Now, I am blessed to be a part of Delta Christian School, where the children grow in a Christian environment that helps them to be a warrior in Christ when they move out intp this challenging world. I love to share with children about Jesus during school and also love to do it as a Sunday School Teacher at Tsawwassen Alliance Church.

I believe in two basic principles: When God guides, He provides and God’s perfect timing. I know He is God of my present and God of my future, He writes my story and hold it all together.