At DCS we are a team! Students wear their uniforms with excellence.


The DCS uniform colours are blue and black. To show school unity and honour, all students must wear the proper DCS uniform at all times.
DCS uniforms are available from Cambridge Uniforms.

Please note that the uniform items marked with an asterisk (*) must be from Cambridge Uniforms which can be ordered from the Cambridge website: DCS School Code: LTA234

Note: To open a downloadable PDF copy of this information, please click here.


All students are required each of the following

  • A full formal uniform
  • A DCS polo
  • Black shoes (see SHOES: below)

Grades 4-7 students require a gym strip (see GYM STRIP below)


To honour the purpose of school chapel and to show DCS unity, formal uniforms must be worn every Thursday and on school field trips. Formal uniforms are optional the other days of the week.

Girls’ Formal Uniform:


Girls’ Formal Tops Girls’ Formal Bottoms Girls’ Formal Shoes
White blouse Black pants with no pleats See SHOES: below
*DCS pullover or cardigan sweater *DCS skort
*DCS tie or bow tie *DCS tartan dress (K-3 only)
Black knee-high socks, or black tights


Boys’ Formal Uniform:


Boys’ Formal Tops Boys’ Formal Bottoms Boys’ Formal Shoes
White shirt Black pants with no pleats See SHOES: below
*DCS pullover or cardigan sweater Black capri-length shorts
*DCS tie or bow tie Black socks


Casual uniforms can be worn any day but Thursdays.

Casual Tops Casual Bottoms Casual Shoes
*DCS polo shirt Black pants (same style as formal pants) See SHOES: below
*DCS blue hoodie (worn over polo or white shirt, optional) Black capri-length shorts (same style as formal)
Black socks




Hair Accessories:

Hair accessories in school colours can be purchased from Cambridge:

  • *tartan headbands
  • *tartan hair ties

Note: Hair accessories that match DCS school colours can also be purchased from other stores


Gym Strip:

  • Grades 4 to 7 students must have a gym strip
  • to be worn for all PE classes and school sporting events
  • *DCS blue t-shirt and *black shorts
  • Anti-scuff athletic shoes – free choice, though black is preferred



Indoor Shoes:

  • All students are required to wear “easy-to-polish” plain ALL black shoes with anti-scuff soles indoors during school hours, on field trips, school events, or for official photos.


Outdoor Shoes:

  • Families can choose their own style and colours of weather-appropriate outdoor shoes to be worn outside only.


Optional Items Available from Cambridge Uniforms (NOT required):

  • *DCS black raincoat
  • *DCS blue hoodie, may be worn over the white shirt or DCS polo, except on Thursdays.



For uniform items that aren’t required for purchase from Cambridge Uniforms, you may want to try looking at the following places. This is not a comprehensive list, you may find other sources as well.

  • Buttercups
  • Marks and Spencers
  • Old Navy
  • Children’s Place
  • Gap
  • Walmart
  • Skechers Shoes
  • DSW: Designer Shoe Warehouse
  • Shoe Warehouse



Cambridge Uniforms items are ordered by families from the Cambridge website:


Order Forms (PDF):

If you have questions about DCS uniforms, please contact Courtnay Mawhorter at


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